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Delete the errors to save the census [will she get old-age pension?]

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No Country for Women

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Where Is The 0.1% Of GDP For India's Mothers?

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What the Census Tells Us About Having Faith in Daughters

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Why India needs an NHS-like healthcare model [open access]

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After Covid-19, what can India learn from the universal healthcare systems of its neighbours?

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New foodgrain scheme as an illusion, doublespeak [open access]

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Union Budget 2021: Slashed funds for NREGA, Poshan Abhiyan 2.0, elderly pensions reflect poorly on Centre

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Large sections of poor are unlikely to benefit from extension of food grain scheme

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The Invisible Ghosts Who Walk Will Haunt India for Years to Come

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COVID-19 crisis shows class bias in banking

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Coronavirus outbreak: Before extending the lockdown

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21 Day Coronavirus Lockdown in India May Starve the Poor to Death

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National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 

A slow death

The Telegraph, 7 June 2023

Digging For Goddess Laxmi On Diwali

Outlook India, Web, 2 November 2016

Half Full, Half Empty: 10 Years of NREGA  [नरेगा के दस वर्ष: क्या रहीं खूबियां और खामियां?], 9 February 2016 

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National Food Security Act

With 45% of Indians excluded from the food security net, it’s time to universalise the PDS

Scroll, 20 June 2021

In Jharkhand, suspected starvation death sheds light on deprivation of a whole settlement

Scroll, 25 June 2018

Food security act may be too little too late for parched Jharkhand

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Food Security And Taking The BJP With A Grain Of Salt

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Promises to Keep

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India's Battle against Hunger

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Why the Economist is wrong on India and Hunger

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Cooked Meals

The Dubious Campaign To Remove Eggs From School Meals

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In maps: India’s vulnerable children are paying the price of upper-caste prejudice with their bodies

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The Egg Debate Boils Over – Will Governments Stop Playing With Children’s Food?

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Beating back the food police

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India feeds 100 million children a day—so why can’t Britain have free school meals?

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Soup kitchens are a silver lining for the urban poor

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The specious arguments against eggs

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Cash Transfers

Why NYAY is unlikely to deliver results

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Why Cash Transfer’s First ‘Beneficiaries’ Want to Opt Out of the JAM

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Ten Facts That Set the Record Straight on Cash Transfers

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Puducherry in a Unique JAM

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Not Smart Enough?

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The Aadhaar verdict and class bias

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Aadhaar-for-food can’t be a mandatory requirement

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What's in a unique number?

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Making a mockery of the right to education

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Private Mischief: Private Schools Default on 25% Quota

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Children of a Lesser Law

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A crucial step in fighting inequality and discrimination: From Poverty to Power

16 May 2013, Re-posted in the Global Partnership for Education's Blog